While most companies use a Crowdfunding website or platform to to track their project, we are opting for the DIY method (mainly so we can ensure all the money goes directly into improving the brewery). We know it may seem a little “different” but we also believe it is the best option.

The basic premise is this: You invest your chosen amount before the end of 2017. We use all the invested money to expand the brewery in 2018. You will be invited for a tour / possible launch party. In 2019 (and for the next 4 years until 2023) you will be entitled to goods in return equalling 20% plus 10% of your investment. For example, £100 investment means you would receive £30 worth of goods each year for 5 years (a total of £150). All goods must be claimed during the calendar year they are due (i.e you can’t accrue them or roll them over). Goods include: bottles, casks, mini casks, polypins of beer and also t-shirts, key-ring bottle openers and any other available merchandise. Prices are expected to vary from year to year.


Investment amount Return in goods each year Total value of returned goods (over 5 years)
£100 £20 + £10 Extra £150
£250 £50 + £25 Extra £375
£1,000 £200 + £100 Extra £1,500
£10,000 £2000 + £1000 Extra £15,000

We must also point out that this is an investment and, as such, in the unlikely situation that the brewery folds, you would lose your investment.

Interested? If you are a member of the public please see below. For pubs/license holders etc you can follow the steps below or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Here’s what to do next:

  • Decide how much you want to invest (minimum £100)
  • Choose one of the methods below to supply us your details.

Website option:
Click Here to fill in our Submission Form, and we will be in contact with payment options.

You will receive an email acknowledgement outlining all the details.

Direct option:

Contact us by phone, email or in person and ask for our crowdfunding form.

Telephone: 0141 881 2138

Once you’ve filled it in return to us (by email , post or in person) and pay your chosen amount into our crowdfunding bank account using the details received (or pay us in cash or by cheque). Please use your full name as a reference.

We will issue an acknowledgement by email upon receipt, confirming details and when, and how you can receive your goods in return.