Our crowdfunding scheme is now closed – thanks to everyone who contributed.

While most companies use a Crowdfunding website or platform to to track their project, we opted for the DIY method.

The basic premise is this: You invested your chosen amount before the end of 2017. We use all the invested money to expand the brewery in 2018. In 2019 (and for the next 4 years until 2023) you will be entitled to goods in return equalling 20% plus 10% of your investment. For example, £100 investment means you would receive £30 worth of goods each year for 5 years (a total of £150). All goods must be claimed during the calendar year they are due (i.e you can’t accrue them or roll them over). Goods include: bottles, casks, mini casks, polypins of beer and also t-shirts, key-ring bottle openers and any other available merchandise. Prices are expected to vary from year to year.


Investment amount Return in goods each year Total value of returned goods (over 5 years)
£100 £20 + £10 Extra £150
£250 £50 + £25 Extra £375
£1,000 £200 + £100 Extra £1,500
£10,000 £2000 + £1000 Extra £15,000

We must also point out that this is an investment and, as such, in the unlikely situation that the brewery folds, you would lose your investment.