Crowdfunding Submission Form

If you are ready to invest in Kelburn Brewery, then please complete the below form.

*Terms of Proposal: The basic premise is this: You invest your chosen amount (we will use £100 as an example) before the end of 2017. We use all the invested money to expand the brewery in 2018. You will be kept up to date with our progress and invited for a tour/ possible launch party when works are complete .In 2019 (and for the next 4 years until 2023) you will be entitled to goods in return equalling 20% plus 10% of your investment – for example £20 + £10. If you use our example of £100 investment this means you would receive £30 worth of goods each year for 5 years (a total of £150). All goods must be claimed during the calendar year they are due (i.e you can’t accrue them or roll them over). If not claimed during the year you will lose them. Any additional amounts will have to be paid. It is your responsibility to contact us in order to claim them. Goods include: bottles, casks, mini casks, polypins of Kelburn beer and also t-shirts, key-ring bottle openers and any other available merchandise. Prices are expected to vary from year to year. Product prices at time of print are below and are not expected to increase too dramatically but this is dependent on the cost of raw materials and beer duty.

If you wish to order your goods online , please note this in the form above and we issue you with an online voucher.

Once we have received your investment payment we will issue an email acknowledgment with details of what you will receive.

We must also point out that this is an investment and, as such, in the unlikely situation that the brewery folds, you would lose your investment.