How To Look After Your Beer – Mini Casks

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Please store mini casks in a cool place.  Please use before the best before date on the label.

To prepare your cask, lift the handle on the red top tap and turn to ‘1’ to open the vent.  You may hear some gas and some beer may bubble out.  Don’t worry, this is normal.
(Just use some kitchen paper to mop up.)

Pull out the tap at the bottom. – Doing this now reduces the chance of disturbing the sediment later.  Place in its serving location and allow your mini-cask to settle for at least 8 hours before serving.  This allows the yeast and finings to settle to the bottom.

Please be aware that any movement of the cask, may disturb the sediment.

To check the beer is ready, open the tap and pour a splash into a clean glass.
The very first drops may have yeast in them. Once the beer is clear you can proceed.

If the beer is to be enjoyed in more than one session, please close the top tap, to lock in the condition.
Following these guidelines ensures this cask will keep for at least 5 days once opened.


Please note: Mini casks and polypins have a shelf-life of at least 6 weeks if unopened. Once opened they will be good for at least 5 days – or longer if you’re lucky. This is assuming they are looked after (i.e. not moved and kept cool).

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